Discover The Real O.C.- Dana Point

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An Orange County Delight- Dana Point, CA

Here is the story about Dana. She is a quiet, little sandy one, similarly sandy and quiet like her neighbor, San Clemente- but even more so. Dana is quite young, almost like a brand new baby compared to other cities of southern California. She was born only in 1989!

Here are some traits of the city:

—she is a bit unassuming in that she does not draw much attention to itself in general. Yet, she does still realize that many are attracted to her because of her stretches of beautiful coastline and luxurious accommodations at the highly regarded Ritz-Carlton hotel where she entertains many fortunate guests throughout the year.

—she soothes well in that she offers many lovely spas.

On Dana, there is more to tell but…

oh, I need to gather more thoughts and make more trips!

More on Dana

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