Poem: Needles

Needles in the oceanstreamed from the city…Needless to say, a pity…The hell’s going on in the city?Dim-witted politicians,dedicated to destroyingthe entire districtstreet to shore,approve without failseedy corner exchangesfor (ab)users’ “benefit”…the hell? Dare we wade and surf,in view of syringesfloating about and laying outalong our blessed stretchof beachy mirth?Nowadays, we’re on needle watch.Nevermind the possible dangerfrom attackingContinue reading “Poem: Needles”

Discover The Real O.C.- Dana Point

  An Orange County Delight- Dana Point, CA Here is the story about Dana. She is a quiet, little sandy one, similarly sandy and quiet like her neighbor, San Clemente- but even more so. Dana is quite young, almost like a brand new baby compared to other cities of southern California. She was born onlyContinue reading “Discover The Real O.C.- Dana Point”

Hollywood … Poetically : Hollywood Haiku (1 and 2)

Visit My Hollywood Travel Tip Page Hollywood Haiku #1 A tourist remorse: In these parts, slim chances to meet a celebrity. Hollywood Haiku #2: Welcome to Hollywood Newcomer remorse Most of the town is broken Far cry from your dreams.

On Chino

Dedicated to the good ol’ town of Chino, California and my late friend, Richard. Where you’ve probably heard about Chino before… Remember the TV show, The O.C.? The blue collar Chino was often on the show, especially when it was compared to well-to-do Orange county. Chino was always the end of jokes. Refer to articleContinue reading “On Chino”

Get to Know the Real Orange County, CA: Costa Mesa

She’s not a beach, but she’ll do!! Costa Mesa, not along but just a few miles away from the Pacific, is an alluring suburb of Orange County, quite business savvy, friendly, clean and fashion-forward. I love visiting here for spinach and cheese croissants at Vie de France & unique shopping/dining at The Lab and TheContinue reading “Get to Know the Real Orange County, CA: Costa Mesa”

See Surf City, U.S.A.

Discover Huntington Beach H.B. is a very happening part of O.C. that is known as “surf city “. This is the premier place to catch the waves and experience a whole surf culture that is tremendously apparent here! Of course, you see this at the beach itself with bold, eager surfers who get an earlyContinue reading “See Surf City, U.S.A.”

Conversation on L.A. to a N.Y. Transplant

  The pace is slower, “chill” or “laidback”, as we say. Relax a little. Get back to your wheels. Metro gets ya ’round but is decent at best. Cabbies exist here- just in downtown and Westwood, though you can’t hail them- “What the hell!”, you say. I know… …and then there’s the pizza It ain’tContinue reading “Conversation on L.A. to a N.Y. Transplant”

Southern California Taste of the Towne- Orange

Vintage Orange Tour (from the Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tour series) Get the gist of a real Orange county, CA town with the Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tour and fill your tummy with just enough of deliciousness along the leisurely way. Learn about the charming city of Orange while trying generous samples ofContinue reading “Southern California Taste of the Towne- Orange”