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Sea lover Marinarena branded tees
Stuff I personally use for my travels
Handy and worthy merch for travel
All or mostly natural products
(some sea-based)

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*Marinarena’s Shore Shoppe

Main stop for marine/beach lover tees & accessories.

What Marinarena loves: Comfy Hoodies Cute tees for your kiddos!

*Bookshop the Bay

Beach reads for all seasons.

Skip Amazon for a change!

Support local bookstores here.


*Beachly Boxes

Where to get the beach look and try beach lifestyle products for all seasons. Subscribe to Beachly for seasonal merch boxes for a ridiculously low price!
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*Defender Shield Headphones

Go-to Shop for EMF & radiation shielding Electronics at Defender Shield


*Sei Bella – All Natural Makeup

Natural approach to skincare and makeup. Non-toxic. Organic. Vegan


Other natural skincare brands to love: OSEA, Earth Harbor, Miami Beach Bum

*Melaleuca (The Wellness Company) – Besides Sei Bella products, there are excellent USA branded natural, organic, non toxic products for your wellness and household needs. Membership needed to shop and easy monthly purchase subscription required ( simply shop many of your everyday household products or use as a monthly vitamin refill source). Annual membership Only $1( that’s 95% off) through this link.

*Defender Shield. 5G Protection. Protect yourself and favorite devices. Popular buy: iPhone 13 Series EMF Protection + Radiation Blocking SlimFlip® Case
Affordable buy: CellShadeZ™ Cell Phone Sun & Privacy Shade

Best Sellers: Faraday Duffle bag plus headphones, caps and more.

*Coffee Brand CoffeeNo frills coffee that is roast-to-order! Love the simple name and concept branding. Enjoy grounded or beans. Organic. USA company and vendor. Tea and cocoa available too! Quality sips to enjoy after fast delivery. Replace your Starbucks habit today.

Hot Marinarena fave item: Natural gourmet chocolate taste of
Velvety Hot Cocoa
Try Essentials Starter Kit for Coffee
Tip to enjoy on the road: Pour preferred beverage in the double vacuum, stainless steel Travel Tumbler. Keep hot or cold for long!

*Comrad: Compression socks central! These are great to slide on your feet for those long, tiring walks that you take while on a trip or when at home. Great discount (a generous one) via the Marinarena link off your purchase!

Calm by Wellness– My swear-by CBD solution.

What I love to use: Healing Salve
(takes care of those annoying little body pains fast!)

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Shore Shoppe- Featured items

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