22 Must-Brings for a River Trip

It’s that time again for many Americans: heading out for summer vacay at the river. Before your leave… don’t forget these desired items on this listicle.

PFD (personal floating device) – These are the best to get- list for 2022
Life vests– Review 9 of the best to consider – see this article from Kayak Guru
Utility vests/shorts Affordable ones, like at Old Navy
Compass– great when going on a hike nearby
Comfy moisture resistant shoes– Bring durable waterproof sneaks or canvas pairs, like from Marinaren;s fave, Jambu.
Wide brimmed hat with sun protection
Tents – Wanna go glam? Choose glamping style.
Folding chair with cup holder– Try the GCI brand, rocking chair
Sunscreen -Sun Shade brand is durable and light. 30 SPF plenty suitable for most in the sun. Available at Melaleuca

Sunscreen (nose)- Don’t neglect protecting your nose. Try a sun paste, especially by Manda, certified organic, with active Ingredient: Non-nano zinc oxide – 20%. 
Parasol Block that scorchin’ sun!
Wireless, waterproof speaker– even can be blasted submersed in river water!
Spray moisturizer– Sei Bella hair is Marinarena preferred Available at Melaleuca
Bug repellent– Get my preferred natural variety Available at Melaleuca
Wifi (portable)- if ya still feel to connect to the digital world while doing your outdoorsy thing.
Insulated food sacks (lunch totes, picnic bags, etc)- Look for those that are BPA-free, phthalate-free & lead-free
Double vacuum insulated water bottles– Stainless steel preferably
Water purifiers (portable)- Stay purely hydrated. Choose from 11 of the best purifiers
Utensils– Try eco-friendly options
Waterproof body pouch for swimming/boating to stash. Not best for deep diving.
EZ up canopy– Going to Arizona for your river adventure? Pitch up the best shade.
Paperback books – Don’t just use a tablet. Love the fold again. Bring along a few tangible books.
Get some from Marinarena’s Bookshop


Check out: Swimwear at Cypress Stone Co
Need fishing gear? : Hart Tackle
Beach Towels: Knotty Towels


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