22 Refreshing & Extraordinary Ice Cream Shops

Many unique flavor profiles to taste from this list, some iconic American sweet stops, also amazing architectural eye candy shops with one of a kind flavors.

Photo by Lukas on Pexels.com

Southern Delights

Texas/South Latest
An exotic lick to love: Tahitian Vanilla Bean

Alabama/ South- Trowbridge
Something a little different to try : Black Walnut

South CarolinaKirk’s
Can’t skip on this specialty: Dream Cones

West Virginia Austin’s
What to have scooped on a cone: Banana Pudding!

Far Out Flavors

HawaiiIsland Cream Co
Fun flavors to try:
Root Beer and Guava

Alaska HotLick
Specially batched butterfat cream served up in Alaska but originated from Oregon.
What should we lick? : Liquor Flavors like Kahlua – homemade Kahlua with fresh ground North Pole Coffee Beans. 

East Coast Boastful

Massachusetts Four Seas
Restaurant with Lots of Ice Cream flavors available.
Unique to try here: Fresh Ginger flavor!

Vermont Lulu Ice Cream
Most unique flavor by far: Garden Basil

New York Port Washington, Long Island
Sweet Treats on the Wharf
Most delish? Reese’s (like the chocolate peanut better candy)

Some questionable flavors like Bacon and unusual names, such as Dirt and Motor Oil
We should try it before we knock it:
Peanut Butter and Jelly
WWJBL? (What Would Joe Biden Lick?): Who cares!

Georgia Leopold’s
Forget peaches- let’s try simple Banana Ice Cream

New Jersey Boza Creamery
Let’s lick these for a refreshing change: Corn Pudding and Baklava Pistachio
Corn Pudding never have been so tempting ’til now!
Balance the ultra sweet baklava with the cream!

Go West, Young Ice Cream Lovers

Idaho Reed’s Dairy

Not just potatoes to try here.
This is udderly-Idaho good: Huckleberry
or Cookie Berry (Strawberry, Oreo)

Oregon (Portland) and other West Coast cities Salt and Straw
Fascinating flavor combos from here, some include mixing savories with sweet (bacon and maple. Crazy combos that change up often.

Wyoming (Jackson Hole) Moo’s
Most tempting to lick? Spiced Rum Banana Coconut Sorbet

Go Midwest Young Ice Cream Lovers

Offerings from its self-milked cows. Simple crafted licks
Go for: any classic flavor here , like mint n chip

South DakotaLeones Creamery
Pay it forward attitude to go along with delish flavors.

S.D. (So Delicious): Mayan Hot Chocolate

Wisconsin (Madison) Chocolate’s
Most Madison marvelous flavor to taste: Blueberry Cheesecake
Most regrettable flavor available: Black Licorice (why?

Ice Cream Shop Experience

New Mexico I Scream
Tasty amazing ice cream in a nostalgia museum/pack-ratty thrift store environment. Serving up classic American brand, Bluebell
We scream for: Rum Black Cherry

Beyond the US Unique

Mexico City (D. F.) , Gelatoscopio
Quite a whimiscal building that serves up helados ! Me gustaría comer: Sueno de Lavande
I would like to try: Lavender Dream flavor

Vienna Veganista
Have the quintescential Vienna Cafe experience, with ice cream centrally in beautiful Vienna (Wien). Quite elegant looking ice cream and actual shop buildings.
Flavor that’s wunderbar (wonderful): Matcha

Spain– Barcelona. Also in Singapore, Dubai and Kuwait Eyescream and Friends
This is the weirdest ice cream shop of all. Flavors are represented as “monsters”. Add a few toppings and experience your cream creation on a kiddie school like tray.
A tasty “Monster” to lick: General Mimi (Cheesecake)


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