A Sunday Morning Blog : ’21 Updates, 9 Chill Out Songs & Pieces of Positive Travel News

Get cozier with Sunday Morning bedding and robes.

Marinarena is revamped ’21 style. Adore the exploration.

Current Mood: Motivated
Since the start of the year, I have been in transition, now working mainly from home during the pandemic. After layoff, I am getting back into the groove of things. There have lots of lazy lounge wear days but they’re winding down. It’s less of a battle of the bed sheets, time to hit the spreadsheets. A few new business ventures have been presented to me and I’m happily looking forward to taking them on.

My main ’21 travel goal: Revisiting Florida, my old home state of Florida. I’m gathering travel tidbits and sources on communities of the Sunshine State on Destination: Florida. Thankfully, FL is not in total lockdown mode, rather embracing the re-opening of the economy and doing so smartly with caution.

Come on in, the water’s fine and so is the ground. What’s new: professional booking site for assisted travel booking, layout, curated travel resources. If you need special assistance to book your next trip head here- LAVA (Locals and Visitors Alike) Travel. Fill out contact form or e-mail with your requests for: vacation booking, family vacations, hotel reservations, booking flights, car rentals, booking experiences, and more


I am being more choosy about sourcing curated travel and wellness links on the site. A majority of future travel article sources will originate from Marinalife.com, the travel section of The Epoch Times (support TET), Travelpulse.com, Frommers Guide and other listed from my Booking page. For wellness-related material, I’m gathering from excellent material from Mantra Wellness magazine, articles promoted from recommended wellness products (including Calm by Wellness and Osea skincare). A few other positive sources will also be curated material featured on Marinarena.com

NEW- Locals and Visitors Alike community on Locals.com
JOIN TODAY! LAVA on Locals is in its infancy. I invite you and your friends to LAVA where you can simply share your travel photos, experiences and tips. Beach and sea travel photos are encouraged by any shots and vids are great. Share pretty images and thoughts of where you live and where you’ve been recently or in the past. Scoop about your favorite hometown haunts or “that time in soaking the sun and sand on a island escape”. Tell the world about the tourist traps you experienced and off the beaten path gems.

LAVA is a free community of Locals.com where independent creators can share their passions in an online social media space of free thoughts. Post in a digital territory without Twitter trolls. Cool cats like are signing up, making mature, human being connections Locals was created by quite the cool guy and thought leader, author and podcaster, Dave Rubin.

MY SHAMELESS PROMOS: Would love if ya check out and consider these for future travel and general buys…

WANT TO RV IT THIS SUMMER. BOOK ONE HERE at OUTDOORSY. If you have an RV, don’t just leave it rested on the driveway, Get some serious $$$ from it- here.



Get a cute sea-themed facemask.

9 MARINARENA CHILL OUT SONGS… to Get You in the Travel Mood

No Shirt, No Shoes No Problems by Kenny Chesney Signature “sun, sand, beer in my hand” on vacay mode tune. Kenny has several songs like this but this one kicked off his “country Caribbean vibe.

Toes by Zac Brown Band Similar vibe as the previous selection. Vacation mode anthem. The chorus is simple perfection.

Jammin’ by Bob Marley and the Wailers How does one not want to plan a trip to Jamaica after blastin’ this jam?

Feel-good Classic 80s song: La Isla Bonita by Madonna Madge was so cute in the mid 80s wasn’t she? Plan a pretty island trip, any island here.

Let’s go to any beach: Kokomo by The Beach Boys Well, this may be the cheesiest of songs but you can’t help but to you sway and sing along and plan your next trip to Aruba, Jamaica, Montego or Key Largo

Sail On by the Commodores Such a smooth song. Bring it, Lionel! Get on a boat and go sailing!

Go Party on a Pontoon: Pontoon by Little Big Town There’s yacht rock and pontoon cun-try. This song is a must play next time on a little boat with friends. Pontooning is big especially in the southern U.S. Tip: Plan a pontoon vacay in Pensacola.

Get Carried Away: Southbound by Carrie Underwood Lyrics from Carrie’s #1 hit, mentions pontoon and evokes southern destination escape also.

Virtually Travel: Saint by Texas
Okay, the lyrics of this one don’t evoke an actual location- rather, a metaphoric place of relaxation, as if I were on an island. This hypnotic song takes me to a place. It is one of my fave songs ever by the fabulous oddly named band Texas, the popular pop/rock Scottish band.


DISNEYLAND and other California theme park attractions are reopening (LIMITED). Sadly, we in California have crappy state overlords headed by Governor Gavin Newsom dictating biz openings to death. Even with much progress in getting Covid deaths and hospitalizations numbers down plus vaccinations, there are STILL restrictions on admission based on suspect COVID metrics with lots of crazy caveats. However, Disneyland will be open April 1- but only to California residents only. Unfortunately, without reversal on the metrics out-of-state Disney fans not be allowed in the original Mickey park for a long while…. Contrary , Disneyworld in Florida has been open for several months and we invites the out-of-staters. (Thank God for Florida!). Check out current Seaworld opening/hours of operation status here.


Don’t be fearful to get out. Travel is and will be safer than ever in spite of the pandemic. Check out and book EXCURSIONS nearby and faraway that are OPEN.

Take care while traveling and always!

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