Cautionary Tale of Self-Harm : How I Love The Burn (Merrily Marred)

-This featured poem gives insight of a person fully aware of and coping with the self-harm condition. Self-harm or self-injury is a serious issue affecting a variety of individuals: from adolescents to seniors, males and females, people from all races and nationalities and persons of different classes. A self-harm act is physical, often involving cutting and/or burning and is based from emotional distress and mental disorders , such as anger and depression. This selection is by no means condoning self-harm, merely a kind of poetic case-examination. –

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How I Love The Burn (Merrily Marred) Lyrics

Went so far

but not enough

went deeper

hit it rough

Shades of red

flush the flesh

My wicked

has no rest

Soothe the pigment

in the scolding water drawn

With full intent

I open myself raw

How I love the burn

and your stomach starts to churn

How I love the burn

Sit right down and you will learn

why I don’t lament

the blistering and scars

They’re no accidents

I am merrily marred.

I do onto me

what they had done to me

Apple fallen from the tree

In my mama’s eyes

in my daddy’s eyes

It is no surprise, no surprise

How I love the burn

and your stomach churns and churns

How I love the burn

Maybe one day I will learn

to relieve the pain

without harm and shame to the pore

I am not insane

simply coping to the core

God forgive me evermore…

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