Travel Recommendations to Follow

Check and bookmark any of my travel INSPO recommendations. Fave travel T.V. shows, hardbacks on my shelf, blogs and all. Majority of listings are my go-to everyday travel buffs and others are famous travel influencers- all of whom share my travel mind or help shape my travel planning and ideas.

All-around Travel Tipsters and Guides

Peter Greenberg The travel guru. He gets major Eye on Travel is a must view and read for travel buffs and insiders
**Must listen pods: Paris

Samantha Brown– Queen of down-to-earth travel
**Episodes I love from Places to Love: Orange County, California Miami Layfayette British Virgin Islands Lake Geneva/Switzerland

Denella Ri’chard– Vibrant travel maven from the cruise industry. Now host of a travel show. Available on her site and various streaming channels.
Frommers Guide– Very thorough travel hardbook and online guide. Pauline Frommer is a jewel , giving the scoop on what travelers should know “before they go”. I often retweet out their posts on the latest travel trends and news.
D K Travel Guides – Hardback travel companions often retrieved from the shelf
Travellerspoint– Travel stories and planning in one site. Where to find some of my featured blogs.
Travel Pulse– My main source for travel industry news and happenings
Travel Zoo with Gabe Saglie- Trip deal/discount site. Good for hotels, flights and full vacations. I’ve enjoyed watching Gabe on local T.V. promote the latest and greatest of getaways. Highly recommendable for family/small group

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Truly Unique Travel Takes & Tours

Claus Andersen– I met this guy! Was fortunate to catch up with this free-spirited “non-stop traveller” a few times. Global bike maven you should book for a town tour.

Raw Travel– Not your typical T.V. travel show whatsoever. Ultra rootsy cultural perspective, way off the beat path travel footing and tips. Features voluntourism and international eclectic folk music segments.
The Internationelle– Article site with intriguing global perspectives relating travel with odd topics such as AI technology, coffee and anti human trafficking. Hopefully this site will be encouraged to add more pieces but there are over a dozen available to read.
Backstage Travel– Travel to a fab world place with a rock star? Yes! So, a fave singer from my youth (Geoff Tate, formerly of Queensryche) started a tour company. Geoff’s quite the conversationalist and he will fill you in on his most adored cities and towns to visit. Very cool concept- ultimate for a true “Rycher” or any rock music fan.
Wanderlust Travel Blog– Go-to for travel and photography buffs. Review
Journey to Design– Unique take on travel from a designer’s perspective

My Fave Vlog

Absolute fave! Don’t think you’ll like Prague? You’ll change your mind after getting hooked on Honest Prague, featuring the ever gregarious Janek (left in featured picture). Scenes filmed by Honza (on the right). Also view the blog.

Honest Guide Prague Vlog

Other Vlogs I Highly Recommend:
Norma Geli Insider Vegas, Nevada vlogs to enjoy, more places to come
Travel Ruby– Another Insider Vegas mostly
Crowdsource the Truth’s Ghost Town and Sunday with Charles series live from New York City– See and hear about current NYC featuring Jason Goodman and Charles Ortel. Expect lots of politically-laced culture talk (from the center right/independent/libertarian) mixed in with city scenes with which you may agree or not but still worth a watch for no nonsense NYC local city advice.

On My Twitter & Insta

Lots of fantastic followers of mine. Here are some stand outs. Influencers, guides, blogs and vlogs included. Marinarena Twitter and Insta

The Travel Vine– Global day-tripper and itinerary blog on from an Aussie

Dutch Travelling Couple– Global trips narrated. Bookmark any of these immaculate vlog posts
Travel with Tiro– a cute travel with dog vlog for giggles

Ashley Travels the Globe– Dominican Republic

Have a travel site, blog or vlog that you want featured here? Message Marinarena on Twitter.

Destination Roam– South Florida looks so good.
Lucas Travel World– Skipping the U.S. 9-5 lifestyle for Europe and world travel

Travel Bugs WorldIntriguing global travel stories and tips
My Virtual Vacations– Discover luxurious Americas
Black and Bougie Travel– Travel from a Black trio’s perspective, on You Tube
Wander with Jo– award winning blogger, lover of escapades
Spaghetti Traveler– fun site featuring, 100 Things to Do Before You Die
Surfing the Planet– World adventure blog in English, Spanish and Italian
Independent Travel Cats– longtime follower, good hodgepodge site for trip advice, ideas, travel history and merch/gifts.
At- Home Tourists– on Insta
Jeana Travels– Cal based
Travel Itinerary– Stare at beautiful beach and islands tweets all day
Adventurous Miriam– global blog
Ruben y el Mundo – adventuras en espanol (can translate in Eng)
Kara Franker– Travel industry follow on Twitter
Travel Inspired Living– practical tips
Love and Road– Brazilian couple
Gallant Escapes– African, Caribbean travel inspiration
Trip Well Gal– travel hodgepodge, no frills perspective. Great for all kinds of travelers
Tourist Meets Travels– thorough travel blog by mother/daughter team
Eat Sleep Love Travel– everyday couple travelling. Longtime follower.
Just a Pack– longtime follower good combo responsible + affordable travel.
Travel Time on a Budget – UK traveller go -to
Tea Was Here– London London!
Work Travel Tech– For the occasional worker who travels
Wander Onwards– Wealth and Wander

Female Oriented

Emily Luxton– UK based
Travel Love Fashion– A cute site. Chic-ness and travel in one.

Family Oriented

Kids Are A Trip– Fam fun site, tips especially with specialized baby, toddler, pre-teen and teen tips
Stuffed Suitcase– A mommy driven family and Disney trips guide
Classy Mommy– A fab family travel and Disney trav go-to
The World is a Book– Traveling with kids from a mom’s perspective
Our Globetrotters– Adventures with kids

Specialty Travel and Destinations

Caribbean and Co– Comprehensively Caribbean. Features island country guide

Barbados, the Caribbean

Traveling Sisters– where to go for the scoop on travel points, reviews and gifts.
La Jolla Mom– A go to for San Diego family and lux travel. By Kate Dillon.
Two Weeks in Costa Rica– A Bostonian couple with kids move and stay to Costa Rica (more than two weeks)
Frank about Croatia
Explore the Balkan wonderland, including Zagreb Dubrovnik and other notable towns

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Major Travel Personalities

Lisa Niver– You Tube influencer
Mapping Megan– award winning adventure traveller
Andrea Feczko – Instatrav go-to
Travel Ruby– My go-to Vid guide for Las Vegas accommodation and deals- from
casino shopping to buffets.
Priscilla Pillon– Paris addict, world traveler
Julia Dimon– Nat Geo family travel influencer
Cacinda Maloney– Travel and stories from lux traveller behind
Jesse Scott– Lonely Planet writer, on Insta too
Nicole La Barge– a global TravelGal indeed, expertise
Kerwin MacKenzie– travel hacks

Travel Mags to Check Out

Travel Girl Magazine – Travel and Lifestyle mag ran by a fierce female duo, former CNN Travel Now show host and travel CEO. Attractive full travel guides of world class cities included with stand alone articles. Free online issues available.
Westways Magazine (U.S.)- AA publication. So I have kept these stacked over the years. I refer to these often especially for localized tips on American towns.

On Substack

Melissa Crow– A writer who dabbles in travel #TravelTruth
Elizabeth Minchilli– Travel writer specializing in Italy

Best in Wellness Travel

Travel to Wellness– A well composed wellness travel guide with resort and retreat listings, spa vacation ideas plus culinary and fitness advice.
Crooked Travel– Expat travel with mental wellness tips thrown in
Jessie on a Journey– A thoughtful blog on emotional, mental and physical wellness. Love the hot tub blogs.

Leading in Luxury Travel

A Luxury Travel Guide– My original go-to for the latest in luxury
Trending Who What Where and When– Wonderful You Tube clips
Tiffany Dowd– Travel luxe influencer, Founder of Luxe Social Media®
Luxury Travel Hacks– What the title says it is, is what it is
Access Luxury– Less Disney +, more Access Luxury . On Roku

Once in a Lifetime Journeyby Mar Pages

Food & Bev Travel

Top Ten LOCAL Places to EatHungry for the best in food? Come here.

Diners, Dives & Drive InsMy mainstream choice for discovering the best in Americana. This show help get me and many others through at-home boredom of mid 2020.
Everybody Hates a Tourist– What a fun, ironic name, right? A food and bev travel site. Wineries and draft beer locations especially appreciated.
Tastemade Travel– My choice streaming source for foodie & travel buffs
A Taste for Travel– A wonderful source to discover the world by meals
Napa Food Gal – An exploration of Napa, and beyond
Food Tra
velist– Food and places especially in Portugal
Eat Drink Travel Y’all– Love this name!
Go Eat Do– A foodie travel site by Stuart Forster
CC Food Travel
Escapades by Mei and Jo, longtime travel foodies

Africa, Asia and Australia Influential

Zuru Kenya– Kenya, intimately
Ironwulf en Route– Philippines based blog
Travelfish– Specialized in southern Asia
Zee Goes– African blog by a Nigerian nomad
Nomadasaurus– See what these Aussie travelers are up to.
Maroc Momma– All things Morocco
Travel Mango– All India travel site
Tieland to Thailand– Everything Thai

Cruising and Sailing Life – The best go-to for boating and marina articles – Go here to start planning for that cruise
Sailing Britican – This family helps you become cruisers for life.
Ama Waterways– I heart Ama. River cruising at its most charming. After pandemic regulations cease, I would personally cruise with Ama again. But if you’re itching to cruise via river in Europe, choose Ama. Retrace my Danube Diary via Travellerspoint

Tutto Italia Travel

The Roman Guy– A comprehensive stop for Rome travel
Learn Italian with Lucrezia Vlogs– Mostly in Italian but if you can’t understand it, enjoy the views!
Delicious Italy
Eat your way through Italy in various Italian regions

Outstanding in Outdoors

Outside TV– Adventure travel and sports videos to stream.
See The Wild– All countries adventure guide
A Backpacker’s Tale
Featuring helpful You Tube backpacking clips
Backpackers For Beginners– Trekkers’ guidebooks and pdfs here
Stocked For Travel– Beachy coastal lovers’ site
Backroad Planet– Adventure/RV
Monkeys and Mountains– Hiker’s guide. Well inspired name!
Active Planet Travels– By Rob Robbins. Solid all-around adventure blog
Hike and Cycle– Cycling adventures
My Wanderlist– Exotic adventures blog
Nerd Nomads– Adventure trav nerds from Norway
Wanderlusters– featuring island guides, bucket list trips and more
The Good and The bad RV
A couple, cat and RV go all around the place

Boho Travel

Drifter Planet – travel tips from a boho family
Wanderful (Andi Eaton book/Abrams Image)- More on the book. Buy it at Marinarena- Bookshop by the Bay

Travel Photogs

Jones Around the World
Wayne Moran
Emitoms on Instagram – Emily Thomas

Book a scooter
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