A #TBD Poem: Unemployed Need Not Apply

This one was inspired by an article that circulated back in 2010. What a time.

Getting a job was not easy-peasy at all , compared to the mid 90s in America. I remember making vows to apply for 100 jobs from Craigslist and Monster in hopes to get maybe 5 responses back by e-mail or phone. It was not so long ago I was competing with hundreds of people for one job- whether it was a cushy corporate clerk position in or quasi-soul crushing $10/hr mall job.

Thankfully, unemployment numbers are significantly lower these days.  Records lows even for racial minorities and for women as a group. Hopefully, underemployed numbers will head south too. Many still believe it to be an employer’s market — but things are looking  opportunistic for workers.

***Of note:  I sing this poem title, in the melodic way of Sarah McLachlan’s

“I Will Remember You”


Unemployed Need Not Reply

Unemployed need not reply.

Don’t even question why.

Sure, you’re one helluva guy

but don’t trouble to come by.

Unemployed need not apply.

Take it as a sign.

Stay clear away, my dear.

Your kind’s not welcome here.