Poem: Needles

Needles in the oceanstreamed from the city…Needless to say, a pity…The hell’s going on in the city?Dim-witted politicians,dedicated to destroyingthe entire districtstreet to shore,approve without failseedy corner exchangesfor (ab)users’ “benefit”…the hell? Dare we wade and surf,in view of syringesfloating about and laying outalong our blessed stretchof beachy mirth?Nowadays, we’re on needle watch.Nevermind the possible dangerfrom attackingContinue reading “Poem: Needles”

Good Riddance 2014 (but we’ll revisit you again)

  News and trends wise of the year, I’ve wrapped up the year -here in my pretty/un-pretty prose poem. It’s about a 10 minute read! Allot a break in your busy day/evening- why don’t you? Have some popcorn or cocoa with marshmallow as you read.   Year of the Horse   There were some phenomenaContinue reading “Good Riddance 2014 (but we’ll revisit you again)”