Poem: Tai O Catch 22

Frommer’s Guide on Tai O and Lantau , Hong Kong Backstory: Tai O, known as the Venice of Hong Kong, is a fishing village that attractions many visitors annually. It’s famous for its stilted houses on the sea, scenic sunset views and rare pink dolphins. Like Venice, Tai O has to grapple with the quandaryContinue reading “Poem: Tai O Catch 22”

Poem: Covid-19, Like Christmas

Covid-19, Like Christmas Well, ain’t this somethingit’s Christmas Again,sort of, some three months laterseven days into Spring Look at the long lines at big boxes.Look at the gluttony.See the selflessness.See the selfishness. And what a sight for miles…near emptinesson the highway.Ain’t it beautiful! Hear folks saying, “Sweet Jesus!”Hear people praying, “Oh Father”Listen to the sociableContinue reading “Poem: Covid-19, Like Christmas”

Poem: Modern Radio Goodbye

This is the biz,Good Riddance Radio.“Here today, gone tomorrow”No proper swan song send off.No pat-on-the-back  sorrow from upper management. Your wisdom, your years put in on the airwaves mean nothing.Your engaging persona and evenyour ratings and demos don’t matter.As quick as a turn of the dialcomes management’s burn. It’s out you go, exit left withContinue reading “Poem: Modern Radio Goodbye”

Poem: Paulina's Old Car

Inspired by an interview with Paulina Porizkova on CBS Sunday Morning — View She ran her fingers on her Baby, one last time.“Time to put the covers on for good”Gradually,she understood there was no reason, no rhymeto try to fix thingsWhat was once a hell of a ride,Her precious joy and pride, her everything– gaveContinue reading “Poem: Paulina's Old Car”

Poem: Needles

Needles in the oceanstreamed from the city…Needless to say, a pity…The hell’s going on in the city?Dim-witted politicians,dedicated to destroyingthe entire districtstreet to shore,approve without failseedy corner exchangesfor (ab)users’ “benefit”…the hell? Dare we wade and surf,in view of syringesfloating about and laying outalong our blessed stretchof beachy mirth?Nowadays, we’re on needle watch.Nevermind the possible dangerfrom attackingContinue reading “Poem: Needles”

A #TBD Poem: Unemployed Need Not Apply

This one was inspired by an article that circulated back in 2010. What a time. Getting a job was not easy-peasy at all , compared to the mid 90s in America. I remember making vows to apply for 100 jobs from Craigslist and Monster in hopes to get maybe 5 responses back by e-mail orContinue reading “A #TBD Poem: Unemployed Need Not Apply”

Haiku Day Selections

5 Selections by Marinarena Good Men Are Hard To Find Under bushes? Stones? Where are all the gentlemen? I dig further south. Like Gravy A guy you sop up Too much of a good thing and you don’t care Love a Guy Love a guy who will write and believe, “You’re the one” but notContinue reading “Haiku Day Selections”