Poem: Thoughts & Observations at the Food Court

Here is some FOOD FOR THOUGHT!   I’m feeling pizza and jealous that Shaggy looking dude sitting left from me can scarf down three slices without even thinking of the consequences and I’m also feeling pasta and sympathetic for that young girl sitting right from me struggling to feed her baby with not a flinchContinue reading “Poem: Thoughts & Observations at the Food Court”

An American Take on Arms : Why We Love Guns

– if you have guns, please use wisely 🙂 – ‘Cause we like the power, like to play God or be the Devil, ’cause they’re resourceful and resolve things, ’cause, bygolly, the sound effects just amuse us ’cause we want to imitate classic heroes like John Wayne and Annie, ’cause it’s our right guaranteed againstContinue reading “An American Take on Arms : Why We Love Guns”

Post 9/11 Poem : For Love of Country, or Man

…one of my delayed poetic reactions after the tragedy of 9/11… I miss the comfort of my country not ever being attacked on its own soil like the touch of a man How there was a sense of safety in an unsafe world I try to hold on to history as close as possible toContinue reading “Post 9/11 Poem : For Love of Country, or Man”

Conversation on L.A. to a N.Y. Transplant

  The pace is slower, “chill” or “laidback”, as we say. Relax a little. Get back to your wheels. Metro gets ya ’round but is decent at best. Cabbies exist here- just in downtown and Westwood, though you can’t hail them- “What the hell!”, you say. I know… …and then there’s the pizza It ain’tContinue reading “Conversation on L.A. to a N.Y. Transplant”