Poem: Needles

Needles in the oceanstreamed from the city…Needless to say, a pity…The hell’s going on in the city?Dim-witted politicians,dedicated to destroyingthe entire districtstreet to shore,approve without failseedy corner exchangesfor (ab)users’ “benefit”…the hell? Dare we wade and surf,in view of syringesfloating about and laying outalong our blessed stretchof beachy mirth?Nowadays, we’re on needle watch.Nevermind the possible dangerfrom attackingContinue reading “Poem: Needles”

2016: The Monkey Parade

Revisit this crazy monkey year! 2016: The Monkey Parade Gather up everybody! Crowd on in, grab a cushy chair for your derriere or stand, pitch an umbrella or stay in the shade Now… drum roll into 2016 please! (pa-ta-pa-ta-pa-ta…) Year of the Fire Monkey! Bring on the parade! Up above, pilot monkeys criss-cross in theContinue reading “2016: The Monkey Parade”

2015 Poem Preview

The following is the Hollywood-inspired part of the memoriam section in “Gallery of  2015”. Full prose poem to come! …And now we go outside in the exhibit gardens to remember 15’s famously lost souls honored with elegant statues, walls and fountains of porcelain marble bowls. Garnering much attention is the statue of actor/poet Leonard Nimoy,Continue reading “2015 Poem Preview”

Poetic Offerings & Things to Note on World Bipolar Day

March 30 is #WorldBipolarDay (WBD), a moment of the year in which bipolar disorder awareness is heightened. The mental illness presents great challenges to those who suffer directly and to their loved ones, as well as for medical/ healthcare providers and organizations. The bipolar condition carries levels of stigma in some societies, although much progressContinue reading “Poetic Offerings & Things to Note on World Bipolar Day”