Poem: Still (inspired by Genesis’ “Land of Confusion”)


by Marinarena

Still, the same battle-cry song
‘bout a generation gone wrong
with not much love going round
And still, that drowning feeling
while in sleep mode, unsound.
Still, tossing and turning
from nightmares revealing
odd imagery in our head.
Still, after almost 40 years-
the same ol’ fears…
clear threat of nuclear,
“too many men, too many people
making too many problems”
that same damn refrain…
Still, governmental torment
‘bout which we complain and complain…
Still, a US Prez in bed ‘fore sundown
(but current one’s way worse
worthy of 4 Pinocchios
and several more emoticon clowns!)
Still, countless puppet heads
real ugly ass ones haunting us
along the way- the politicians
(i.e. wannabe celebs) and big showbiz celebs.Still, the yearning for Superman
to come to our rescue
when it should be Everyman
and Everywoman giving due
to themselves for getting through
Still, we harken back to yesteryear-
one so shining, star lit blue,
and held indelibly dear.

Still, we need to make this place right
using our hands- it’s worth the fight!
Fight- for our lives are at stake!
Stand up- for our own sake,
and sanity , for common goodwill
And in the spirit of Genesis’ Phil
Tony and Mike.
The world is watching and worth it, still.

What inspired “Still”

View the classic video of Genesis’ “Land of Confusion” with lyrics and read my poetic take below.

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