Following Marinarena: Ode to Others

Who’s following Marinarena on Twitter? Names you definitely recognize and maybe admire, and names you should get to know. Personalities include a huge county music star, a famous talent in Hollywood and Broadway, some prominent CEOS. MDs and a bevy of travel influencers. Also, a major travel guide and supermarket is Marinarena shore-connected.

Swim in the sea of tweeted musings, news and updates from Marinarena, where the water’s fine, not toxic! You will join a fascinating array of personalities. Shorely you know…

Luke Bryan
Boom! Mega star in modern country music singer/songwriter, host of American Idol, super handsome human being, an early Marinarena follower (early 2010s). Big Luke hits to add to the playlist : Country Girl , Play it Again and Rain is a Good Thing
Taye Diggs– OMG! Versatile actor, best known for co-starring in the movie, How Stella Got Her Groove Back, Broadway entertaintainer, gorgegous man with a radiant smile.

and the most famous business establishment name of the lot.
Whole Foods Market– When at WFM, I gravitate to the cafeteria/deli section for . How I miss the pre-Covid days of mixing up buffet offerings in the small and large recyclable brown boxes (organics salad concoctions with carnivorious/vegetarian/vegan dishes.

Other Known Names in Entertainment Spectrum follow Marinarena
From the music world:
Siedah GarrettR&B/pop singer, featured on the lovely Michael Jackson single, “I Just Can’t Stop Loving You”
Fantastic Negrito Talented soul singer brother, creates a unique sound that fuses blues, rock and R&B together. Badass.

From film & TV:
Nicole Russini McFarland– Film Director and musician
Daniel Goddard– actor, played Cain on soap opera fave, Young and the Restless.
Hot Aussie who is super nice to his dedicated soap fans

From the web/ podcasts:
Ken Rutkowski– Business broadcaster
Brian Bushwood @greatestconpodcast

Also Quite Known…
Ben Landis– CEO of Fanbase, 2 Mil + Twitter Follows
Ryan Fournier– Political thought leader
Cynthia Johnson– Digital Influencer 1 Mil + Twitter Followers
Etienne Arsenault– French Canadien personality

Other CEOs
Steve Keating Lead Today
Erik Huberman
-Hawke Media

Talent from TV I have especially watched closely over the years
Nan Kelly– Down-to-Earth TV host, Nashville based. Bubbly personality like that of Kathie Lee Gifford enjoyed her interviewing musicians on Great American Country.
Steve Kuzj– Talented reporter, used to be Los Angeles based KTLA. I just dig his voice and his flair of reporting
. He has a gravitas without being elite or a bore.

Travel Leader Faves (Publications)
Frommer’s– Thorough top-tier travel source. Must-read for everything travel planning and must-stack for your bookshelf. I often refer to a retweet Fromm tips.
Travel Zoo– fronted by Gabe Saglie, spokesperson from TZ, where savvy holiday bargainers go
especially for family travel savings

Top Travel Talents
Andrea Feczko– Travel Show Host
Lisa Niver– Travel Show Host, KTLA

Beloved Pizzerie
Blaze Pizza (U.S. National)- Top of the “create your own pizza” chains. Very responsive with its fanbase
Big Mama’s and Big Papa’s (Los Angeles)

Awesome Art Creators
Clara Berta– Modern painter. Her work has been featured on Viacom shows. While back, I did an article feature on her via The Culture Trip
Dr Robert Bohan Artist- a well admired and followed artist. Also does quite vibrant piec

Best of the Rest
NAMM– Major music instrument convention. My favorite bands love to attend this eve . Once upon a time, I had press credentials and could try to get special entrance to this big time convention without being a music industry type or connected musician. Who can hook me up in getting me entrance?
Better Living Magazine– Travel lifestyle magazine (online)
John Boitnott Entrepreneur
Gordana Bornat– Author
Rachel Thompson– Psychologist / Broken People
Susan Bennett The voice of Siri!

Are you awesome in the world online or elsewhere but not on this list ? Add me and Let me know about you, your biz or talent. I may just hype you up in another post. TWITTER

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