Poem: Propaganda Panda

Propaganda is not cute!

One response to “Poem: Propaganda Panda”

  1. There’s something I used to teach, before propaganda camps became far too insidious to allow any children to go there and have their light put out. It’s called following the rabbit of reason, or following the rabbit down the trail of reason. Difficult at first for those who don’t know how to think for themselves and haven’t. Through cause and effect essays, pro and con essays, argumentative essays (The student must show awareness of opposing views as well.), and discussions about science and true history, we encouraged the youth to think and understand for themselves. Not all will get this, for we only have one year and their world is filled with anti-think for yourselves. But the one’s who do are like propaganda vaccines. Simply by thinking for themselves, following lines of reason, checking true causes and effects, they are like a breath of fresh air to their peers.


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