Poem: Modern Radio Goodbye

Reblog for April 2021 National Poetry Month


This is the biz,
Good Riddance Radio.
“Here today, gone tomorrow”
No proper swan song send off.
No pat-on-the-back  sorrow
from upper management.

Your wisdom, your years put in
on the airwaves mean nothing.
Your engaging persona and even
your ratings and demos don’t matter.
As quick as a turn of the dial
comes management’s burn.

It’s out you go,
exit left with muscle guard escort detail.
Check’s in the mail.
Take your table trinkets.
No trace of you shall remain.
No one cares that you feel bereft.

Don’t think you’re going
to be on top in radio forever.
You’d be dead wrong!
Radio will rid you like trash
It’s the same ol’ song
sure as all sin to play on.

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