3 lesser-known streaming channels and virtually travel the great watery outdoors

Are you annoyed as I am when tuning in the Travel Channel to find nothing but paranormal programming? Damn ghosts! They get to lurk all over the place, and not just in designated ghost towns. No need to show passport or pass through customs!

Just as MTV went away from making music priority on the show schedule, woefully so has the Travel Channel.  Luckily, there are travel-centric channels that have a variety of programming to titillate our destination desires –especially those involving the sea, sandy beaches and water adventures. Seek out these channels to stream the day away

AWE (A World of Entertainment) Travel to the most stunning destinations in the world without leaving your couch

Watch this of you like The Deadliest Catch: Dangerous Waters

Of course, for the cruise enthusiast there is : Dream Cruises

For nautical buffs, don’t miss: Distant Shores

Yearn for the Yacht life? Check out: Selling Yachts

Want to discover the most remote and mysterious places? Watch: Private Islands

A U.S. and international schedule is available. See full list of shows.

Outside TV Watch on-the-go or in the comfort of your dwelling. Lots of binge watching water adventure options will fill your day, including: Billy, Facing Waves, Locals, Over the Horizon (sailing) and The Spirit of Yachting,

FEATURED: For the love of the south Pacific and surfing, check out In Search of Isolated Waves.

Outside TV is available for free on various platforms, includng Apple TV, Roku and Redbox.

Outdoor Channel Tune into pure, unabashed huntin’, shootin’ and fishin’ shows. Focusing on the latter, get caught up with BigWater Adventures, A Fishing Story with Ronnie Green and Bill Dance World, to name a few fan faves. The Fishing Network is under the OC umbrella.

Not out on the lake? Pretend you are : See Fishing vids on Outdoor TV Plus

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