The M.A.C. Marinarena Advent Calendar, Entry 1

Entry # 1 : A new door opened. What’s behind?

Summer Escape with Schug in Jackson Hole, Wyoming- a wine and travel lover getaway in July 2021
(Trip details below in bold.)

Whether you love to celebrate Christmas or not, don’t you just love the concept of the advent calendar as a way to countdown the days ’til Christmas? With each new day, a delicious surprise. Push in a door of a chocolate filled box and revealed is a wonderful morsel. But it does not have to be a choco chunk or one of those delectable liqueur-filled chocolate as the advent calendar treat. Enjoy either of these “morsels” from from Dec 1- Dec 25:

A recommended bucket list destination/trip to book
A Marinarena preferred merchant deal
A Chill Playlist song
A Marinarena poem to like
A quote to appreciate

This post was inspired by a travel office e-mail on Saxony, Germany. Saxony is an eastern state of Germany which borders Poland and the Czech Republic. Major towns within include Leipzig and the capital of Dresden. It is believed that the advent calendar was invented in Saxony in the mid-1800s.

More on the origins of the advent here.

Do this:
See Advent Calendar: Germany celebration each day leading to December 25.

Christmasy Feels in Saxony

Wonderful vid to get you in the mood from

About the Marinarena December 1 treat, Summer Escape with Schug in Jackson Hole, Wyoming

Axel & Kristine Schug of Schug Carneros Estate invite you to join them for five splendid days of adventure and diversion in Jackson Hole, Wyoming. Experience Yellowstone and Grand Teton National Parks along with luxurious accommodation! Great timing for a major vacation next summer. Plenty of space to socially distance! Enjoy special events, including a private wine tasting and cocktail reception, floating, fishing with the wines of Schug Carneros Estate. Book this wonderful trip today. Contact for additional info!

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