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Current Mood: Chill (relaxed)
Slang wise, I’m chill. Literally, I’m chilled. The draft has returned in the house. So I’m wearing my panda slippers again! Time to get the robe out and to weatherize the windows. Soon boiling on my stove top will be some creamy soup, perhaps a tomato or butternut squash to warm up my chest.

Head to Marinarena.com
Marinarena is now part of MeWe and Parler. Already on these
outlets, add me already!.
The water’s fine and so inviting in both. Surely, I must have heard about MeWe before in social but a co-worker suggested to join. MeWe is building itself as an anti-Facebook. No annoying ad and targeting
forced upon its users, practically no political and b.s. unless you join groups that go there with all that toxicity. Read more on my MeWe blog. Drift to MarinarenaFreeFlow on Parler for curated free expression articles largely on travel and leisure topics, some deemed “controversial” and subject to big tech censorship…you know, those posts griping on city lockdowns and such. On MFF, no “crazy” politics on either or any side is promoted and nothing so crass- just a free flow of mostly knotty travel-related stuff here.

The Marinarena holiday gift guide is almost ready- literally finishing up today with graphic details between doing Covid-era chores (washing face coverings, preparing to sell new masks (more details to come on this!) and enjoy football (fantasy football included) and do chores.

But you can CHECK OUT MARINARENA SEA-IT SHOP now and peruse a while to see what’s on sale-for Christmas shopping or ” just-because” buying.

Check out Discounts on my Dolphin Discovery page– DD parks are open in Mexico and the Caribbean.

Get a cute sea-themed facemask.

Wanderlust Travel News:



MAJOR ATTRACTIONS ARE OPENING. Don’t be fearful to get out. Travel is and will be safer than ever in spite of the pandemic. Check out and book EXCURSIONS nearby and faraway that are OPEN. Take care while traveling.

ATTENTION LADY TRAVELERS: JOIN WANDERFUL here. Low cost membership- less than weekly coffeehouse buys. Great for those who are virtually traveling and others planning to do actual on-the-go in the near future. Meet travel mates and mentors. Plan trips. Get and share travel ideas. Lots of travel and product discounts. Great boredom fixer if in quarantine!

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