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Current Mood: Bittersweet

Breaking News: NOOO! Alex Trebek, the best quick-witted and dry humored trivia game show host of all time just passed away at 80. Though he lived quite a life, it’s sad to see a childhood and adulthood TV fave pass. Good thing though- he is now resting easy, without the constant pangs of cancer. Trebek’s death is huge, weighing heavily today but really- it is tiny water drop in the bucket in comparison to the inundation of U.S. presidential elections, which, are still not over pending ballot counting, recounting and battle of the law! Oh, America- take a breath! But I won’t attempt to drown in elections talk….HEY…Did you see how a whale stopped a train from crashing on the ground ?

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Discounts on my Dolphin Discovery page– DD parks are open in Mexico and the Caribbean.

My Puglia Travellerspoint blog – Read about my first visit to the southern region of Italy

Wanderlust Travel News:

#OpenTravel: Travel is opening up. No sweat over Europe lockdowns- Central and South America is welcoming travelers during the pandemic. NOW OPEN: COSTA RICA GALAPAGOS MACHU PICCHU
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Fly from your home airport to San Jose (SJO)
Fly from your home airport to Quito, Ecuador (UIO) for Galapagos
Fly from your home airport to Lima, Peru (LIM) for Macchu Picchu

DISNEYWORLD: How merry! It’s open (alas, not DISNEYLAND yet). Christmas decorations have been adorned.

MAJOR ATTRACTIONS ARE OPENING. Don’t be fearful to get out. Travel is and will be safer than ever in spite of the pandemic. Check out and book EXCURSIONS nearby and faraway that are OPEN. Take care while traveling.

NEW U.S. WINELOVER TOURS: Check out recently announced 2021 American getaways from toursandwine.com.
Yosemite, New Orleans and Jackson Hole, Wyoming(ooh, Winter wine and ski getaway) included.

CRUISES ARE SET TO COMEBACK EARLY 2021. I’ve been raising and waving my hand to get attention from the major cruise lines in hopes of being a volunteer for a Covid-test cruise trial. Discover and book future cruises via CRUISIN IT

ATTENTION LADY TRAVELERS: JOIN WANDERFUL here. Low cost membership- less than weekly coffeehouse buys. Great for those who are virtually traveling and others planning to do actual on-the-go in the near future. Meet travel mates and mentors. Plan trips. Get and share travel ideas. Lots of travel and product discounts. Great boredom fixer if in quarantine!

Coming soon: Marinarena’s SEA-son of Holidays Gift Guide
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