A Sunday Morning -Inaugural Entry

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Current Mood: Content

It’s nicely overcast in Socal -and loving it. Time change, finally. Enough of summer dragging into autumn. Over it. Relaxing day today with NFL football but boo- my fantasy game is looking good so far. Just voted. I’m headed above water with the U.S. presidential elections but not drowning in it.

Pray the outcome U.S prez elections won’t lead to more “unrest”. Be classy, America!

Wanderlust Travel News:

No major travel for me set yet but- what? Something on the horizon?. Maybe on the Carnival Horizon cruise ship?

The Center for Disease Control (CDC) announces phased return to cruising in U.S.
Conditions apply, which includes cruise liners conducting guinea pig cruises with volunteer to help
test the waters during the COVID-19 pandemic. Sign me up! I’ll definitely be looking into this.

Local So Cal News:

Sweltering heat has gone away and it’s getting chillier at night. People putting on their Ugh boots. More pumpkin lattes and everything being enjoyed in cups and plates. Could it be that fall has finally arrived? Yes!

L.A. Dodgers won World Series! Thankfully, the city of Angels but did not riot so hard. Sad to be saying that. Small victory.

Orange county: Alas, no Disneyland open yet and thanks to California gov tyranny and gripping love for lockdowns, the Happiest Place on Earth may not be open ’til spring or summer 2021
But hey Mickey, there are more stores opening in Downtown Disney.

My last beach visit was in Seal Beach. Love the atmosphere along Main St by the beach. So peaceful and walkable in this O.C. pocket. As I am, the local people and boutiques are super unpretentious I bought a few boho chic trinkets at Joie de Vivre and grabbed a gluten and g-free slice (yes, g-free cheese and pepperoni slices available- and about always so) at my fave pizzeria, Slice of New York. This is still my favorite lil’ SoCal beachtown. Come visit.

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