Marinarena: The who and the what

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MAR= “sea” + ARENA= “sand” in Spanish

Well gladly, you have arrived here and to me. May Marinarena provide a comfy and healthy
distraction in your day and ideas for your next trip — coastal, other water-related or land based.
Marinarena represents my happy place- a vast one of wellness, where there is a resounding hush.
  It’s at the tranquil beach, walking along the shore and at the marina, strolling on the deck.

 So, chill out— get a smooth, relaxing beverage ( perhaps an adulterated rum cocktail or good
ol’ green tea), kick up your feet and get carried away in this vast space. Indeed, you will get
a lot of curated coastal travel tidbits here to help you plan for a beach holiday, a cruise or
other vacay that is water-activity central- but there’s so much to explore in Marinarena.

coastal, other water-related or land based.

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