Poem: Covid-19, Like Christmas

Covid-19, Like Christmas

Well, ain’t this something
it’s Christmas Again,
sort of, some three months later
seven days into Spring

Look at the long lines at big boxes.
Look at the gluttony.
See the selflessness.
See the selfishness.

And what a sight for miles…
near emptiness
on the highway.
Ain’t it beautiful!

Hear folks saying, “Sweet Jesus!”
Hear people praying, “Oh Father”
Listen to the sociable pleasantry.
Listen to the petty bickering.

Wow, Christmastime in Spring!
Now again are even dazzling 
lights dangled on the eaves
of houses, here and there.

That twinkle of holiday cheer
makes getting through this time better.
Ain’t this a particular something
It’s Christmas time again! 

Granted, we are not tracking
Santa Claus and his reindeer-
rather a nasty assemblage
of invisible blobs.

Granted, there’s no gathering
to hear gleeful carol-singing
or to get hungover at a Xmas party.
Gatherings are now discouraged!

We are coming apart but together
or coming together apart
Oh ’tis the season
of social distancing!

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