Poem: Paulina’s Old Car

Inspired by an interview with Paulina Porizkova on CBS Sunday Morning — View

She ran her fingers on her Baby, one last time.
“Time to put the covers on for good”
she understood there was no reason, no rhyme
to try to fix things
What was once a hell of a ride,
Her precious joy and pride,
her everything
– gave out fully

Her Baby was beat up badly,
broken at the very heart
and in other parts.
Truly tiring on her part
was troubleshooting the clunker
from the bottom on up.
Though, for years, she kept at it
devoted to diagnosing the junker
She was up for the effort,
had the tools and the smarts…

But ultimately, she got fed up
and quit the restoration project
never having figuring out
the faulty wiring of her Baby
now a covered up jalopy.

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