Poem: Needles

Needles in the ocean
streamed from the city…
Needless to say, a pity…
The hell’s going 
on in the city?
Dim-witted politicians,
dedicated to destroying
the entire district
street to shore,
approve without fail
seedy corner exchanges
for (ab)users’ “benefit”
…the hell?

Dare we wade and surf,
in view of syringes
floating about and laying out
along our blessed stretch
of beachy mirth?
Nowadays, we’re on needle watch.
Nevermind the possible danger
from attacking stingrays.
We’re as likely to get a poke
from a junkie’s stinger.
No joke!

Cryin’ shame the serene shore
in the brightest of day
can be the scene of a stabbing crime
just like a dark downtown alley
Dare we even make footprints
in the sand anymore?

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