Not to blow your sails but you need to get travel protection

​22 Reasons why you may be compelled to check the box for travel protection or insurance (Yes, you’ll have to read through policy! Trust me, it’s not that bad and DEFINITELY worth it.)

1. Despite great caution, you get significantly injured in an accident during a trip.  If you are accident prone, buying insurance is a no-brainer.

2. In case a loved one, especially a child or someone who is under your direct care gets injured, having trip cancellation would be assuring for you and the loved one.

3.  In case of unexpected death of a loved one , have insurance with trip cancellation would not add to the distress.

4. Mother Nature just ruins things sometimes. Hurricanes especially damper cruise and other coastal trips. Get trip cancellation coverage especially if going to a destination that often is affected by hurricane and other damaging conditions.

5. You want the right to change your mind. A “Cancel for Any Reason” generally works for this prerogative- though you have to pay dearly for this ($$$) and many insurances require CFAR deposit to be paid within 15 days of initial trip deposit.

6. Missed connection are the worse.  Just imagine missing cruise embarkation because a connecting flight is delayed. 

7.  Flight gets cancelled way too often. No need to fret over this with insurance.

8. You don’t want to be left with absolutely nothing after a theft.

9. Don’t pass out over your Passport gets out. There is coverage for lost and stolen passports.

10. It’s such a bummer if your baggage gets lost. There is common policy on baggage delay and baggage lost.

11. Terrorist activity is on your radar and you feel a bit apprehensive. Sign of the times.

12. Feel assured with emergency alternative transportation so as to not be stranded on the trip.  

13. You would really want to have coverage for expensive emergency airlift evacuation. Ya never know. You may fall down into sinkhole or something.

14. You’re a daredevil traveler.  If you enjoy extreme sports or other activity (kayaking on rocky rapids, climb Mr. Everest, chances are higher you’ll get roughed up significantly  than the average tourist.

15.  Work jerks you around.  If you get forced to work during the time you plan to be on vacation. Get coverage for employment-related reasons.

16. You’re an entrepreneur.  Get trip cancellation with CFAR in case a big work opportunity happens to fall within the same time as your trip. 

17. You like remote destinations, such as the Kerguelen Islands(the “Desolation Islands”) or Easter Island. Venturing off the beaten path is risky due to medical and emergency help access being extremely limited.

18. Life happens. Suppose you have to make an early return from the vacay because you found out your house got damaged in a fire or some other emergency came up at home. Get trip protection.

19. Life happens. If a costly divorce or separation sprouts up before your trip, you may want to consider trip cancellation.

20. Suppose you want to cancel your trip because a new, more exciting life event comes up and affects travel plans.  Having travel insurance with CFAR would be ideal.

21.  Don’t be victim to a surprise bankruptcy from a travel company that you relied on planning your trip. Get protected.

22. Countries are starting to require insurance, especially to cover costly medical expenses. Popular tropical destinations, such as Cuba and Thailand plus the U.S., Ecuador, United Arab Emirates, Russia and Turkey have set new mandates on travel insurance for visitors.

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Bonus 22 fact:

Some 22 percent understood that their domestic health insurance would offer no coverage.

InsureMyTrip’s survey reached 498 Americans, 35 years or older, between Aug. 7-10, 2018.

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