New Music Review: Breath of Fresh Air, Again- Love Again by Alana Davis

Finally surfacing again on the music shore is Alana Davis. After well over a decade hiatus of the music industry, the chanteuse makes a refreshing splash with her signature sultry vocals and acoustic groove combined with emotional, introspective lyrics.


Love Again starts off playfully with the catchy album namesake track that gets wading listeners to kick up their heels. The fun continues with cheeky “F–k Friend” and “The Goose”, a sure bet for a nursery rhyme soundtrack. ” What’s good for the gander is good for the goose”.

Midway through, a tidal wave of raw, revealing emotion crashes down. Listeners are pulled in and get awash of Alana’s bleeding heart.   After the full drench of consecutive middle tracks, “Back to You”, “So Rough, Too Much” and “Summertime” is a subtle onslaught of lyrical introspection by end of record.

Love Again deserves a place in popular music today. Such a shame modern mainstream is becoming so resistant to musical purity as it is too saturated with electronica thump, auto-tune and rap/sung tracks.  You won’t find these trends in this piece of Alana artistry. 

Let’s hope for a new music revolution in the industry to create an awesome, refreshing tidal wave.

In a nutshell:

“Love Again”- The obvious “hit” of this collection . That song never wrong for singing along in the car.

“So Rough Too Much”- Would be great as a single also. Musicality strong here. Push repeat.

“Summertime”- Simply, this is poetic heartbreak.

Side note: 

Appreciate the colorful album artwork . A kind of “tidal wave” rendering of Alana with her guitar almost coming out of the womb.

BUY THIS– Support the artist (#supportrealmusic), hashtag the heck out of #LoveAgain and buy the CD on Amazon.  Zap the disc into the player and listen, deeply.  Would be beautiful if  this and other releases by Alana would be released on vinyl. Buy the CD for the music and art. Showcase it on the coffee table.

Other Great Alana Releases:

Blame It on Me

Surrender Dorothy

Fortune Cookie

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