20th anniversary of the Aquarium of the Pacific: A summer to-do for kiddies & adults in Long Beach

On Jun 20, 1998, Long Beach’s pride and joy, Aquarium of the Pacific, made its debut. Since then, the venue has become a touted favorite among locals and out-of-towners of all ages. Sharks enthrall us, tuxedo penguins amuse us and seals make us go “aww” and gaga. Moreover, AOTP is a highly commendable marine institution making learning a diversion plus the grounds of the aquarium are aesthetically attractive- perfect for picture taking and Instagram galore. This is not just a ditching spot for kids while grown-ups run off to the shoreline bar. Adults roam around this magnificent marine playground place and love it here too.

jellyfish illustration
Photo by Tim Mossholder on Pexels.com

Here’s a lowdown of what to catch this special summer of 20:


Catch a glimpse of the new baby seal from Shelby, an O.G. mammal of the aquarium.

Also see the cephalopod exhibit in the Tropical Pacific Gallery called Tentacles and Ink.

For kids, dozens and dozens of events catered to youth, such as the Treats and Beats dance party

For party lovin’ adults (and those trying but struggling to “adult”), there is Night Dive, an 18 + disco affaire that pops up through the summer. Enjoy live DJ/band, drink beer & wine during late night events, live art presentations/gallery informative lectures & discussions by marine experts

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The Aquarium of the Pacific is an attraction that offers discounts for Go City Card Los Angeles. Get one now!

For special holiday celebration at AOTP: Spend the 4th of July here

For the locals, become a member and save if you go 3 times or more in a year. Also, for the school-aged local, there is day camp available.

Photo by Travel Caffeine

Geek out on anything marine but make it to AOTP?  Check out a special webcasts on the deep sea and husbandry and conservation

How to get to the AOTP:

USE PUBLIC TRANSPORT (can’t emphasis this often): No excuse. Ride for free FREE Passport bus. Buses connecting to Passport is a minor cost. Leave car at hotel or home. Otherwise, parking at Aquarium is $20 or more.

Out of state? Skip the chaos of LAX and L.A. . Go directly to LB Airport.

Type “LGB” for flights to Long Beach 

Venue Address: Address: 100 Aquarium Way, Long Beach, CA 90802


Save on Aquarium of the Pacific and Queen Mary 

Combine Aquarium and USS IOWA attraction nearby


Hot diggity dog! Save $$$ off Aquarium admission from Wienerschnitzel coupon.

Go City Card Los Angeles. Get one now!

Stay at the most boutique and gorgeous hotel near the Aquarium –Hotel Maya

VIDEO-  Great visuals to sum up Aquarium of the Pacific

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