Poem: Thoughts & Observations at the Food Court

Here is some FOOD FOR THOUGHT!

I’m feeling pizza

and jealous that Shaggy looking dude

sitting left from me

can scarf down three slices

without even thinking of the consequences

and I’m also feeling pasta

and sympathetic for that young girl

sitting right from me

struggling to feed her baby

with not a flinch of help from the baby daddy

I’m kinda craving too Chinese

and wondering if

all the food court furniture

and plastic silverware

is made in China

or more so I’m feeling ice cream

and the chill of the couple

across from me

who’s silence is louder

than the boy nearby screaming for a cone

I’m feeling also Mexican

and whether it’s right that

all the food court clean-up crew

is indeed-


I need something healthy

but realize that nothing

can be deemed truly healthy

at a food court-

I mean, nothing

I’m really feeling something fried

and absolutely angered

that folks waste food

and don’t put their trash

in the waste bins

Or maybe, I’m feeling Japanese

but I’ll be too lonely

eating steak and sushi

with chopsticks

all by myself

Hmmm… but I settle on good ol’ American

Yeah, a little this and that all on one plate…

I just hate it when folks just stick

to one ethnic cuisine

all the damn time!

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