2015 Poem Preview

The following is the Hollywood-inspired part of the memoriam section in “Gallery of  2015”.
Full prose poem to come!

…And now we go outside in the exhibit gardens
to remember 15’s famously lost souls
honored with elegant statues, walls and fountains
of porcelain marble bowls.
Garnering much attention is the statue
of actor/poet Leonard Nimoy, aka Spock,
to which Trekkies especially flock
and get out a tissue.

All hail and farewell to Wes Craven,
innovative creator of a plethora
of horror flicks, notably
A Nightmare on Elm Street
and Scream; and to the prominent Sir Christopher Lee,
accomplished actor of amazing cinematic feats
so beloved in the title role of
Count Dracula
and an incredible presence in dozens
of films, like
Star Wars II & III and The Lord of The Rings trilogy.

On The Fountain of Old Hollywood
are figurines of legends who withstood
in their silver screen showbiz run:
fiery red-head Maureen O’Hara,
funny and adorable Anne Meara,
blonde bombshell Anita Ekberg and
the dashing, dark & handsome one
of the bunch, Omar Sharif….

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