Poetic Offerings & Things to Note on World Bipolar Day

March 30 is #WorldBipolarDay (WBD), a moment of the year in which bipolar disorder awareness is heightened. The mental illness presents great challenges to those who suffer directly and to their loved ones, as well as for medical/ healthcare providers and organizations. The bipolar condition carries levels of stigma in some societies, although much progress is being made in global awareness and acceptance

Let us celebrate WBD- not with balloons and cake but with an open mind and heart to those battling the bipolar monster.

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Quick Facts:

Bipolar disorder affects an estimated 2.6 of the American population alone.

It is said that bipolar disorder is the 6th leading cause of “disability”

Get more facts on bipolar disorder here

~~~~MarinArena Featured Poetry~~~~

Like Dodgeball

-“Bipolar” is becoming a kind of trending “buzzword” in real life and on the TV and big screen. Often, people misuse or abuse the term by making light of the condition or use it in a derisive manner towards someone. Particularly, I feel there is an inappropriate fervor in calling someone bipolar. In this poem, i compare this fervor to that of dodgeball. –

We like to throw the term “bipolar” around

There’s an unmistakable, incomprehensible

thrill in the throwing around.

With such joy and pumped up fervent,

we enjoy delivering the hits-

yet we detest to get slammed ourselves

especially from the blind side.

Unsent Message to Bipolar Ex Part 1

-On the heartbreak aftermath of a depressive episode.-

that monster got its claws

in you my friend

and you can’t stop the bleeding

you’re drowning in it

and you think the monster is me

but I am not scratching and tearing

you apart

This gives me such pause

that we’ve come to an end

your mind is feeding

you delusion- Dammit!

I am not the enemy

I am still reaching out, still caring

to arrive back in your heart

Bipolar Couture

-“Bipolar as Fashion”-

How bizarre that “bipolar “

has become a nouveau haute couture

stirring such a rabid, reverberating rage

in western culture!

Who decided to put bipolar

on the high fashion stage?

Bipolar, like haute couture,

comes with a hefty price tag-

but in bipolar couture

the models are the ones

who have to pay dearly

(and they really don’t want to be models).

Why, look at the parade of sad

anguished faces on the bipolar catwalk

Those models in such a depressing sulk

-and yet, the “bipolar buzzards” are bemused?

Why would anyone be amused

of this? Sheer madness!

The buzzards have gone mad

giving bipolar such appeal,

constant and clamorous

chatter, bombarding it in the press…

What possesses them to have such zeal?

Bipolar is not glamorous.

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