22 Things I Took Away from the Travel & Adventure Show

Travel and Adventure Show

1. At least two hotel stays on the west coast!

2. A renewed interest in discover nature highlights of middle and eastern portions of California.

3. A great network of local California travel industry folks

4. Tip- Book international flights 161 days (about 5 months) ahead for the ultimate deals.

5. Two collectable Yosemite quarter coins.

6. Taiwanese notebook and matching pen for taking copious notes.

7. Excellent leads on travel-related career.

8. Tip- Find a “Days Inn” kind of hotel outside of Venice, instead of staying in the main tourist Venice area for more comfortable and affordable options.

9. An excellent lesson on wine from a pre-show wine blending course, courtesy of Bryan Kane and The Winery, in San Francisco.

10. A dozen of promotional reusable tote bags that do come in handy- that is if I remember to take them to the grocery and other retail stores.

11. Fort Worth, Texas is quite the happening arts town!

12. Tip- Use hoteltonight.com for very last minute hotel bookings!

13. There is actually a museum dedicated to Intel, in Santa Clara.

14. Taiwan is quite the upcoming Asian tourist attraction.

15. Seek out ruined castles (especially in Portugal) for inexpensive options of sight seeing.

16. For your internet browsing pleasure, get a plan for your cell phone before doing your travel, especially in case of foreign travel. Best way of insuring that your information is protected.

17. Bundled travel packages deals are not ALWAYS the best for money saving. Sometimes, travel specialist agencies can get you an even better deal on different parts of your vacation.

18. Lots of Cold War museums are popping up in modern-day democratic Eastern Europe.

19. Rick Steves‘ quirky, off the beaten path kind of tours just may be the way I do Europe next time.

20. Doing South America is best via Belize for unspoiled nature area and lesser crowds (compared to Costa Rica).

21. Now is the time to do Africa for safari and other deals- especially Eastern Africa, Morocco, Tanzania and South Africa. West African Ebola scares have negatively affected the tourism for all of Africa but this means that the African travel industry is determined to give deals.

22.  Cute Nepalese/South American style hat!


Many tips courtesy from Frommer Guides and Rick Steves

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