PoetiChef / Food For Thought Poetry: Sausage & Bean Pie


Letting myself go

that British holiday one July,

I came to discover

sausage & bean pie

and … to let go

of a lover.

I found more comfort

in having that pie

than with him,

craved more to devour the porky flesh

than to take it from my lover.

I appreciated the consistency of that pie

but could not tolerate anymore

the denseness of my lover,

found that pie marvelously crumbly-

but adversely flaky my lover.

What a delectable affair I had!

I delighted in the few moments

each time with my pie

than with the old guy

Yes, really!

Mainly in Oxford ,

along St Giles-Cornmarket street

and at the Covered Market,

I had my fresh substitute for love-

a savory pie.

Just in a few weeks,

I lost the appetite of my old lover

He was chopped liver

turn putrid

well beyond taste

Many could judge me badly

but I heartily indulged

in that scrumptious pie,

much more than I ever did in him-

and I did not dare to fight the bulge.

Why, I was on holiday!

I was not inclined

to deny myself,

as I had before

with my old lover back home.


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