A Poem of Desperation? : How Much Do I Have to Pay?

– Oh the self-aware girl who desperately wants him. Would she really stoop down to such drastic levels?-


Can I cajole you with some candy?

You can trust me.

I don’t have to be a stranger.

Come here.

I am not a danger.

It’s no crime to get to know you better.


How can I rock your world

and be your number one girl?

Can I sway you like an old love song?

Do I have to buy you a front row ticket

and score a backstage pass?

How much do I have to pay for you?


If I bent it like Beckham,

would you think of me awesome?

Must I bend over backwards

and hold my ankles for 7 days

as my nose bleeds on the carpet?

Do I have to lean towards

your side of the political spectrum?


How can I convince you about me?

I need some hints-

Won’t you give me at least a clue?

I have landed on you

on the Wheel of Torture.

Let me buy a vowel.


Do I have to wheedle you like a weasel?

Be your bitch?

Pull a switch?

Must I lie, cheat and steal?

To which lengths do I have to go?

To go so low as to be beneath dirt?


Maybe I can hold my breath under water

for a few hours to win you over.

You already leave me breathless….


I guess that I have to suck the Atlantic dry

Because I absolutely, positively cannot

walk on water, nor bring it to you from the moon.

I shouldn’t have to make you love me.

But here I am making a mockery of myself-

How much do I have to pay for you?

Published by marinarena

poet-artist, traveler, down-to-earth human being

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