A Rediscovery Poem: Along Came a D.J.


Back in the day you touched me,

cherished me,

took pleasure

undressing me from the sleeves

I was your music

the harmonizing companion

with an organic tone

you so adored

I was imperfect,

got worn out

faltered at times

but you didn’t mind…

Over time, you disregarded me

did not take me out

for a spin,

became embarrassed to do so,

shelved me altogether

I became out of mode

you didn’t spin me ’round anymore,

you began mocking me,

and thinking of me

too big and cumbersome…

But along came a D.J.

with warm hands who,

from the first touch

appreciated me

and the whole package

He did not find fault

with my size.

He treats me with

the utmost care

so gentle, gentle

with his playful touches.

Everyday he lugs me around-

here, there and everywhere

Because of him

I have rediscovered the world

that had left me behind

in the dust.

He found me,

and furthermore

let me find myself again

I was picked up

from the thick of ashes.

Published by marinarena

poet-artist, traveler, down-to-earth human being

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