Southern California Taste of the Towne- Orange

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Vintage Orange Tour (from the Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tour series)

Get the gist of a real Orange county, CA town with the Old Towne Orange Walking Food Tour and fill your tummy with just enough of deliciousness along the leisurely way. Learn about the charming city of Orange while trying generous samples of delicious food from her restaurants.

Choose from specialized tours- the “Sampler Tour”, “Vintage Orange Tour” and the “Food Lab Tour”. The Sampler is especially popular, covering more restaurants and focusing on the food. Foodies will appreciate Food Lab, which offers an exclusive cooking class along with restaurant samplers. For food lovers who loves bits of history as well, Vintage Orange is very suitable. During all tours, there is ample time to enjoy eating at the restaurants.

* Here is more on the Vintage Orange Tour, my first OTO Food Tour experience.

Highlights of this tour include:

Ruby’s Restaurant (Arguably the best Ruby’s of all, with Train Depot theme/full cocktail bar)
– Excellent offering of Cinnamon Bun French Toast with bacon (cooked just right) served up during my visit. Much talk of fascinating local Orange history, including the beginnings of the train depot station and tales about prominent town settlers, is discussed here over brunch.

Rutabegoraz Restaurant
– Tasty, naturally baked sweets offered. One may include a scrumptious chocolate chip cookie! Moreover, this is my personal local favorite healthy restaurant chain, which consistently serves up nutritional yet mouth watering savory entrees

Come here after the food tour for a full meal.

See this tip and more : MarinArena at VT
Visit to Chapman College
– A “taste” of history here. For my visit, there was a trip to Chapman’s film school, Dodge College of Film and Media Arts, home to a collection of movie memorabilia, such as film stills from Cecil B. de Mille! This is somewhat of a hidden jewel attraction for a movie buff- offered exclusively by OTO Food Tours!

Stops at the certified Farmer’s Market (on Saturday) and park at the traffic “circle”
– breaks in the tour to take in the lovely atmosphere and scenery of Old Towne Orange.

The other quality restaurants and fine shops included in my tour was Zito’s Pizza (a slice of delicious margherita served), The Grinder (classic turkey half sandwich offered), Taco Adobe (yummy authentic taco) plus shopping at fine small biz shops, The Dragonfly, Joyride and Elsewhere Vintage.

Tour guide Jody is a delightful pro who knows his local historical stuff. He is prompt, keeps the tour going efficiently and most captivating of all, adds a very personable charm to the walk by weaving tales of town’s past with his own quirky sense of humor. Certainly, he is not of the yawn-inducing, robotic tour guide variety.

Pricing of the tour is more than appropriate, yet one can attain generous discounts through such outlets like Living Social and Groupon.

Address: 186 N Atchison St, Orange, CA 92866 (Ruby’s Rest.)
Directions: Old Town Orange/ off Orange Depot (Metrolink)

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