A “Back in the Day” Poem: Groc (“Grosh”) Cart

I wanna go back to the days when I

could fit comfy in the grocery cart.

How life was fun then, and in retrospect-

easy (but you don’t think that as a child).

You think, “When will momma give me candy?”

“When will she spin me ’round in a wheelie?”

“Why can’t I keep kicking the front seat flip?”

It was cool to sit by the ice cream box

and play drums on it with celery stalks

(which I never liked to eat- until now).

And I loved to make music by plucking

the metal cart rails with pencils and pens

(Oh how that really plucked all of ma’s nerves!)

Life was so simplistic back in the day…

Now as a big girl steering the cart ’round

I find the grocery experience

downright uncool and damn near depressing.

50 bucks go in a snap at checkout!

To cope, I get gummies on the sweets aisle

budgeting them with the organic celery stalks.

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