Good Riddance 2014 (but we’ll revisit you again)


News and trends wise of the year, I’ve wrapped up the year -here in my pretty/un-pretty prose poem. It’s about a 10 minute read! Allot a break in your busy day/evening- why don’t you? Have some popcorn or cocoa with marshmallow as you read.



Year of the Horse


There were some phenomena and people surely left out purposely and unintentionally in the final piece. These omissions just didn’t fit into the horsey journey. For one, no direct mention of Kim Kardashian’s “hiney and hoo hoo” all over magazine covers (Oh just this one mention of Kim K. is way too much already). Slighted also was the elevator scene of Solange Knowles vs. Jay-Z with a submissive Beyonce in the background.

No mention of sweet, sassy and seriously over-saturated Taylor Swift- of her music, goings-on nor how crazy that her power and stardom is enough reason to consider her Time’s Person of the Year, along side with enduring Ebola Doctors and inspiring Nobel Peace Prize co-winner Malala Yousafzai (also slighted in the piece but is dearly admired, and well beyond ’14.

Politically speaking: No direct stanza for polarizing figure. Vladmir Putin. Man oh man (of man boobies)! Didn’t he have some ups and downs. Lo siento…no mention of the drastic change of U.S. Policy dealing with Cuba. What to make of that? I leave it for 2015 …

And then there’s the social media trend of “ -shaming “ in society (fat-shaming, mom-shaming, etc) and the insurgence of “social media” itself. Save those for 2015? Yes, social media has been around for a while now but the trend hit home for me in 2014 and is shaping my present and future course, career wise and personally. Hey, it’s largely the reason why I’m regularly blogging now.

Sorry that a few notable deaths were not noted. One was that of Peaches Geldof. Such a shame. A fallen starlet/young mum with everything going for herself, seemingly. Her demise just got to me, though it was just really one of countless deaths due to drug use. Regular folk deaths I hear about locally and on the news always strike me. Lost were family relatives far away but hit me close to home. Closer to my place physically, my heart breaks particularly for the loved ones of 3 teen girls, two sisters and friend, killed by a hit and run driver on Halloween. Gut-wrenching!

And to briefly add to the mix of the snubs: release of the Iphone 6, Galaxy S 5, wearable tech trend, the Rosetta Space Mission, Flappy Bird (OK, look that up. I just did for the very first time on the last day of 2014), douche-esque behavior of Justin Bieber (ugh), the rise of pop star Ariana Grande and uber fandom of One Direction/5 Seconds of Summer, success of Uber ride share, The Interview movie (but I did cover the repercussions of its release concerning Sony Studios and North Korea), Guardian of the Galaxy, chatter on Jennifer Lawrence beyond the nudie pics from I-cloud, Shaylene Woodley, Bill O’Reilly “killing” it again in book sales with “Killing Patton”, Scottish referendum, flared up  immigration debate in the U.S.,  carry over of Obamacare, Hobby Lobby/employer health insurance coverage case, Oscar Pistorius murder trial, Adrian Peterson child abuse scandal (opening up a can of whipass here) and in actual sports…Swaggy P, Odell Beckham Jr’s one-handed catch, Stanley cup champs L.A Kings, and the list goes on….

I didn’t weave my life events and emotions of 2014, as usually attempted for my “year of ___” prose poems. Nah, I skip the horse analogy of gallantly (and awkwardly) leaping hurdles of life, which were, in the case of ’14, layoffs and interpersonal/relationship fails. Oh, would have loved to write on the journey of a tandem horse ride in love! Journey, denied. Ugh! Slowly but certainly I recover on my horse.

Now finishing the obstacle course of ’14, I’m come out far from first place with but still with a smile on my face.

(But in the last run of the year, I did win a few trips plus finished 1st place in the regular season in my fantasy football league, placing ahead of my brother, and got 2nd place in the playoffs. So, that’s a winning moment, deserving of a glistened, studded trappings on my mare 🙂

Farewell 2014. Love you but I’m tired of you already.


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