2014: Year of the Horse


Take a ride back on your horsey to the year that’s about gone !

2014: Year of the Horse, in its entirety





2014, Year of the Horse


On the saddle we lean

back and trot on the trails of ’14.

tracing trips fantastic,

finding grace on dips tragic,

reliving journeys of pleasure,

jaunts of leisure,

revisiting haunting tours,

and hazardous detours…


In threading back on our horses

some of us ride ’14 courses

with great glee, heading in quick pace

back to our happiest place

and staying for a long spell,

horse hoofs entrenched, sedentary

with no urge to dwell

on the year’s missteps and worry…


In bopping along with the horse’s gait,

some of us commemorate

the Chinese Year of the Horse

and roads of self-improvement

coupled with merriment,

taken after breaking free from old tie and harness.

In retracing steps of progress

made, greater chances for fine future’s course…


All over the world, we prance along,

humming, singing the year’s

favorite uptempo tune

“Happy” by Pharrell

and delightful Frozen show-tune

“Let it Go” by Idina Menzel-

both of massive ubiquitous cheers,

proving the global treasure of song…


Many of us bop under love’s rainbows

and through blossom meadows

in tandem and in love with

’14 tender ballads, “Stay With Me”, by Sam Smith

and John Legend’s, “All of Me”.

Famously riding in love… George Clooney,

at last in wedded rapture with a gal

of considerable caliber named Amal…


And finally- Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt

prance in martial bliss

making their love completely legit

Those of us feeling love amiss

in ’14 revisit the missteps

along rocky roads. Famously taking these steps:

Melanie Griffin & Antonio Banderas, Mariah Carey,

& Nick Cannon, Captain & Tenille, John Mayer & Katy Perry…


Back to the feel-good of ’14:

We gallop back to several thousands braving

the bone chill of the #icebucketchallenge,

which brought attention to ALS-

yet also we have to acknowledge

it was a rampant display of raving

narcissism. Nonetheless, the campaign was a big success,

bringing in charitable amounts previously unseen…


Happily, we journey back in ’14 and halt

to relive the excitement of a streaky chestnut colt

California Chrome, who caught many an eye-

but, alas, came up shy

of the elusive Triple Crown.

Though the rare racing feat was struck down,

the thoroughbred garnered ballyhoo,

much worthy of all the ado…


We halt with our horse and take a break,

making a pit stop to taste the year

on a plate . Choices… ’14 brioche burger

or upscale gluten free pizza,

both drunken with sriracha,

either served up with a pint of craft beer

or fresh green kale smoothie,

for healthy sake…



We dawdle back on ’14 terrain, still remain

dumbfounded by the disappearance

of Malaysian Airlines flight # 370

presumably down deep in the Indian Ocean

We bow and shake our head from the abhorrence

of the plane’s decent and are left still complain

about aftermath iniquity- pure sin!

My, oh my! What sheer calamity…


and in amazing, devastating deja vu

we go back to another Malaysian Air plane

crash- this time in eastern Ukraine

The doomed M.A.flight # 17 scattered

in fields of brutal Ukrainian-Russian clash

leaving several lives, especially Dutch,

Malaysian and Australian shattered.

The world over rides on profoundly blue…


2014: Year of the Horse, in its entirety


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