A Magnificent Brrr… ARTIC, in Anaheim

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Getting to and from Anaheim just got grand! 2014 marks the debut of ARTIC (Anaheim Regional Transportation Intermodal Center). Not only is it a transit hub- it’s an attractive Orange county landmark and both a top architectural and environmental friendly feat in the area.

Designed by a reputable group of architects and engineers, ARTIC is set to be the major public transportation facility of not just Anaheim, but for Orange county. The building itself is a great achievement, as it is LEED certified, basically meaning it has been built to meet high level green standards of sustainability, efficiency, reduced energy, and natural building.

At ARTIC, arrive by/catch the Amtrak, Metrolink, Greyhound bus, Megabus, OCTA bus, ART bus, taxi and other shuttle/ trans options. There is ample parking outside if traveling by car. If you have an electric care, there is almost a dozen of special electric charging parking spaces. For those using a bike, ARTIC is close to a major bike trail along the Santa Ana river. There are plenty of bike parking spots in a secured lot.

If you have to wait for a connecting ride at ARTIC, you will be impressed by the ambiance of the 3 floor facility. There is a convenient store with plenty of refreshments, many of which are healthy and premium (Boxed Water, a variety of lower calorie juices, natural sodas, gluten free chips/crackers, etc. Also, there is a premium coffee bar with In 2015, there will be a few full scale, high quality restaurants for dining, including the renowned Ritter’s, already a staple in O.C. Uniquely for locals, ARTIC even has a vending machine with books from the Anaheim library. More retail options is expected to be added as well.

Pictures just don’t do this place justice. Come and see for yourself!

Special public transportation notes:

OCTA bus routes: 50, 53, 153. take 50 West from here to get to the Disney Resort area

Take Megabus and Greyhound buses to get beyond Orange county conveniently. Travel with ease to Los Angeles, Las Vegas, San Diego, San Francisco, etc

ARTIC Official : articinfo.com

As seen on Marinarena’s Virtual Tourist Anaheim pages : ARTIC

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